Honorary Presidents

Professor R. J. Lyall, former Professor of Literatures in English, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam

Professor Sally Mapstone, Principal and Vice Chancellor, University of St Andrews


Professor Nicola Royan, Professor of Older Scots Literature, School of English, University of Nottingham

Vice Presidents

Professor Alasdair MacDonald, formerly of Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Senior Research Fellow, University of Glasgow

Professor Hector MacQueen, Professor of Private Law, University of Edinburgh

Executive Officers

Dr Joanna Martin, Associate Professor, School of English, University of Nottingham

Professor Rhiannon Purdie (Editorial Secretary), Professor of English, School of English, University of St Andrews

Dr Sebastiaan Verweij (Digital Officer), Senior Lecturer in Late-Medieval and Early Modern Literature, Department of English, University of Bristol

Members of Council

Dr Sarah Carpenter, Senior Lecturer in English, University of Edinburgh

Dr Kees Dekker, Senior Lecturer in Older English Literature and Culture, University of Groningen

Professor A.S.G. Edwards, Professor of Medieval Manuscripts Studies, University of Kent

Professor Jonathan Glenn, Associate Provost and Professor of English, University of Central Arkansas

Dr Janet Hadley Williams, Visiting Fellow, School of Literature, Languages and Linguistics, The Australian National University

Professor Pamela King, Professor of English Language and Linguistics, University of Glasgow

Dr Joanna Kopaczyk, Senior Lecturer in Scots and English, University of Glasgow (confirmation pending)

Professor Tim Machan, Professor of English, University of Notre Dame

Professor Jeremy Smith, Head of School and Professor of English Philology, School of Critical Studies, University of Glasgow

Katherine Terrell, Asssistant Professor of Literature, Hamilton College, NY (confirmation pending)

Helen Vincent, Rare Books, Maps and Music Collections Manager, National Library of Scotland

Dr Emily Wingfield, Lecturer, School of English, University of Birmingham

Dr Elizabeth Elliott, Lecturer, Department of English, University of Aberdeen

Membership Secretary

Mr John M. Archer