The Scottish Text Society is a major publisher of important texts from Scotland's literary history. Since 1882 it has played a significant part in reviving interest in the literature and languages of Scotland. The Society's editions are both scholarly and accessible. To date, the Society has published over 150 volumes, covering poetry, drama, and prose, from the fourteenth to the nineteenth centuries. The majority of its editions are in the high period of Older Scots literature, from 1500 to 1700. This website contains information on the full backlist, recent editions, ways to buy books, and guidance on how to become a member of the STS and support the Society. The STS is entirely funded by membership subscription, so please consider joining in order to maintain publications. As a registered charity, the STS welcomes donations. If you would like to make a donation, please contact the President, Nicola Royan.

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Recent Volumes

The STS is currently publishing its fifth series. The most recent volumes are:
13 The Maitland Quarto: A New Edition of Cambridge, Magdalene College, Pepys Library MS 1408, ed. Joanna M. Martin ISBN 9781897976401 [MORE INFO] [BUY MEMBERS] [BUY NON-MEMBERS] 2015
14 The Gude and Godlie Ballatis [new edition], ed. Alasdair A. MacDonald ISBN 9781897976418 [MORE INFO] [BUY MEMBERS] [BUY NON-MEMBERS] 2015
15 Duncane Laideus Testament and other Comic Poems in Older Scots, ed. Janet Hadley Williams ISBN 9781897976388 [MORE INFO] [BUY MEMBERS] [BUY NON-MEMBERS] 2016
16 The Taill of Rauf Coilȝear, ed. Ralph Hanna ISBN 9781897976371 [MORE INFO] [BUY MEMBERS] [BUY NON-MEMBERS] 2019
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Related Publications

The following is a selection of recent titles that draw on STS publications, or are otherwise related to the work of the Society. If you would like your book featured here, please send us a message.
The Buke of the Howlat. By James Robertson and Kate Leiper. Birlinn, 2016.[MORE INFO] Related STS volume: 5th Series, 12: Richard Holland, The Buke of the Howlat, ed. Ralph Hanna ISBN 9781897976395 [MORE INFO] [BUY MEMBERS] [BUY NON-MEMBERS]


23 November 2018

Follow this link to view and listen to Professor Penny Fielding's 2018 McIntosh lecture:'“Evidence that Might Assist in a Further Research”: Testimony, Law and the Fate of Phillip Standsfield'.

26 April 2018

In order to comply with new legislation, the STS has updated its Privacy and Data Collection policies.

19 September 2017

Check out our first digital launch of the current volume, Duncane Laideus Testament and other Comic Poems in Older Scots, ed. Janet Hadley Williams.